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Affordable Art

Do you need something to colour up your life?

Would you like to see how a work of art looks above your sofa?

Are you letting an empty apartment or hotel room and want to make it look more attractive?

Original paintings and sculpture provide a sophisticated finishing touch for offices and hotels as well as homes.

Why not:

"Rent not own" - beautiful work of art in your home or office for 3-6 months or a year, that you can then decide to buy, or change for another!

You can also "rent to own" - enjoy the works of art in your home/office and at the end of the rental period, decide you cannot part with it! The rental fee already paid will be deducted from the total price of the artwork.


Just buy your lovely piece of art "on the spot" by contacting the artist directly.

Our collection consists of hundreds of works of art by some 70 artists. Art4U enables you to become acquainted with a diversity of original artwork, and also to have direct contact with the artist.

How Art4U Rental Program works?

The original pieces of art on can be bought or rented directly from the artist concerned by contacting the artist directly over the given link.

Rental periods range from 3 to 12 months. Rental fees depend on the price of the artwork.

Rental fees
3 months - 25% of the buying price
6 months - 40% of the buying price
1 year - 60% of the buying price

Handling/delivery charges are not included in the rental price and must be paid in full prior to the delivery of the painting as agreed with the artist. If you would like to commission a work exclusively, please contact the artist directly.

Rental Period
Works can be rented for a maximum one year period. If the work has not been reserved, it can be rented for a further period.

A registration with a copy of a valid ID card or passport is necessary.

Rented artworks must be insured for the duration of the rental,by the client’s ‘Haftpflichtversicherung’, a copy of which must be given tot he artist.

Our mission is to provide you with a cultural experience which you can enjoy for your homes / business needs: Art enriches our lives.

Please let us know how what you think artworks.liestal(at)